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Introduction to R

These are the help pages for the Genes to Geosciences introduction to R module.

Topics we will cover today:

  1. Preliminaries: Getting your environment set up.
  2. Getting started: Starting R, using it as a calculator, and variables.
  3. Loading data: Reading in data, viewing, and subsetting.
  4. Writing functions: Avoiding errors and better describing your intent.
  5. Data types: A digression on data types
  6. Repeating things: Introduction to ways of automating repetitive tasks.
  7. Missing data: Another digression on missing data.

I’ve collected a few resources to help you continue learning.

I’ve also made a non-exhaustive list of bad habits that you should avoid and tips you should follow.

We can’t possibly cover everything, for example.

Slides from the other days:

Afternoon of day two: statistics (by Drew Allen).

Morning of day three: plotting (by Josh Madin).