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Thanks to everyone who came along and was such good sports with learning git today. Hopefully you now have enough tools to help you use git in your own projects. The notes are available (in fairly raw form) here. Please let us know where they are unclear and we will update them.

To re-emphasise our closing message ā€“ start using it on a project, start thinking about what you want to track, and start thinking about what constitutes a logical commit. Once you get into a rhythm it will seem much easier. Bring your questions along to the class in 2 weeks time.

Also, to re-emphasise that git is not a backup system. Make sure that you have your work backed up, just in case something terrible happens. I recommend crash plan which you can use for free for backing up onto external hard drives (and for a fee).


We welcome any and all feedback on the material and how we present it. You can give anonymous feedback by emailing G2G admin (you should have the address already ā€“ Iā€™m only not putting it up here in a vain effort to slow down spam bots). Alternatively, you are welcome to email either or both of us, or leave a comment on a relevant page.